Daw Thida: Ambulance & blood donation service

  07/ Nov/ 2016

Married ( Housewife) ,Marga Street , Thoegwa Township, Yangon DivisionDaw Thida ‘s husband is doing his job in Oversea and she is a housekeeping and taking care of her 2 children , a boy and a girl . During her time , she sent the children to school and done others needed for them , at the rest time she helped the Township Red Cross activities beacouse of the Red Cross office is near her home since she is not a real member of Red Cross Volunteer for long time. At that time she also helped all of the Red Cross Activities as she can at the township and near villages such as mosquitoes (disease control) ,cleaning the compound grassing , d — and School Health Prevention activities as a voluntary service . In January 2015 , she was a member of Township Red Cross volunteer legally and she got feeling proud of herself by helping all actives that she knows them or not . She has got a feeling that wants to help all of them and got some knowledge from the redcross and she willingly to help all other vulnerable people. She also feel that , it is very late to be a Red Cross Volunteer and took part all activities more and feels warmly and happy her doing . She helped ambulance services and blood donation sector mainly first ,then she donated from herself about 4 times directly.

  • Leukemia patient
  • Low blood pressure patient from Thonegwa tsp
  • Pregnancy patient and
  • A patient who needed blood before send Yangon Hospital as they are urgently needed the blood and she gave them in time. She is very happy the patient who get her blood after recovery. And also she is ready to help such kind of blood donation whenever they need.

She understand about the Red Cross is that Red Cross help all people with the humanitarian and neutrality especially for all vulnerable people . Although she wants to take part all training and Red Cross dissemination ceremony, she cannot take part because of her helping other supporting activities for the planning of ceremory and also not enough for her children to send school and others their needed. She wants to help for her Township that lack of pure water and the water from the well are not use for drinking. She also said more volunteer collected near her and also from school . It get a bit of success by doing her.

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