Water and Sanitation, Hygiene Promotion

The WASH unit’s intended goal is to ultimately reduce the morbidity and mortality rate of water and sanitation related diseases. The unit’s activities target vulnerable communities, particularly children under 5 years old, and focus on rural areas. Hygiene promotion is done through partnerships with the community, facilitation, and building community’s capacity with water, sanitation, and hygiene behavior. WASH objectives include:

  • Enable vulnerable individuals and communities in targeted rural areas to address their WASH related needs.
  • Engage and Coordinate with government and other stakeholders at national, district and township levels.
  • Enable key government departments and other WASH agencies participation in the whole project cycle while building further upon the capacity of the NS at volunteer, branch and headquarters level to effectively support WASH program.
  • Provide safe drinking or domestic used water and environmental sanitation to target needy community.

For more information on our Water, Hygiene and WASH activities, please contact following;

Dr. U Nay Htet Lin
Deputy Director, Health Department, Myanmar Red Cross Society.