Restoring Family Links

Myanmar Red Cross Society provides a Restoring Family Links Service that assists family members to restore contact with each other after being separated as a result of disaster or conflict. MRCS is also part of the International Red Cross Red Crescent global tracing network which serves to restore family links and facilitate the exchange of family news.

The society offers the following service:

  • Red Cross Messages
  • Safe and well phone calls
  • Safe and well messages
  • Anxious for News
  • Tracing

Within March 2011- 2016, a total 3142 people received RFL services and trained 577 volunteers and 34 RFL Ambassadors.

Download the Restoring Family Links Information Sheet

For further enquiries, please contact;

Daw Su Su Lynn
Director, Restoring Family Links Department
42, Strand Road, Botahtaung Township
Yangon, Myanmar
Phone: (01) 383684, (01) 392029, 392030 Ext (130)
Office hours: 9:30 to 4:30 (Monday – Friday)