2020 Goals and Strategy

In the changing humanitarian environment of the 21st century, we seek to increase the impact of our activities in achieving our mission. With this in mind, the Myanmar Red Cross Society is committed to a community-based resilience approach for our 2020 strategy. In this approach, skilled volunteers will support the formation of community groups to define their own hazards and priorities. Branch volunteers will then support the community in developing required skills so that they may help themselves. All programs will work towards sustainability and resilience. Please read the following summary of our strategic goals for 2020 and beyond.


Strategic Goal 1:

Build healthier and safer communities, reduce vulnerabilities, and strengthen resilience.

  • To enhance the capacity of targeted communities to mitigate the impacts of health emergencies, disasters, conflicts and other situations of violence and to reduce effects of climate change.
  • To ensure Myanmar Red Cross Society has effective disaster preparedness and response capacity at all levels.
  • To strengthen the capacity of communities to address their needs of health, water and sanitation with support of trained staff, volunteers and key stakeholders.
  • To strengthen trained staff, volunteers and community members to deliver effective and sustainable First Aid and Safety Services in disaster and daily emergencies.
  • To strengthen Myanmar Red Cross Society voluntary non-remunerated blood donation program to contribute to the significant increase of a safe blood supply in the country.
  • To develop and practice an integrated community based model as a standard approach to build resilient communities.

Strategic Goal 2:

Promote the understanding and respect for the Red Cross Principles, humanitarian values, International Humanitarian Law, and develop a culture of non-violence and peace.

  • To strengthen the role of all members, staff, volunteers, and youth in undertaking humanitarian diplomacy to support vulnerable people in Myanmar.
  • To promote the role of Red Cross, Red Cross principles, emblem, humanitarian values, and International Humanitarian Law (IHL) within the country.
  • To strengthen Communication and IT capacity at all levels to ensure effective and smooth communication, information and reporting in both emergency and normal times.
  • To promote social inclusion and a culture of non-violence integrated with all programmes at community level to strengthen community resilience.
  • To mainstream gender and diversity, violence prevention, psychosocial support, social inclusion and community engagement as cross cutting issues into all humanitarian activities.

Strategic Goal 3:

Function effectively as a National Society, well-resourced and with robust capacity at all levels

  • To undertake further development of Myanmar Red Cross Society at all levels while strengthening the auxiliary status of Myanmar Red Cross Society according to its new Law.
  • To improve the capacity and system of State/Region and branches to respond to humanitarian needs.
  • To recruit, train and retain competent and committed volunteers for call on humanitarian services.
  • To strengthen the capacity, capability and protection of staff and volunteers who are consistently promoting and participating in Myanmar Red Cross Society activities.
  • To encourage the active participation of professional Red Cross volunteers and members with different qualifications, skills and experiences, in all activities.
  • To empower the Red Cross Youth to take part actively and lead in the promotion of humanitarian activities.
  • To scale up the resource mobilization capacity at all levels to become self-sufficient, sustainable and independent.
  • To strengthen Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (PMER) capacity to ensure accountability, efficiency and effectiveness.
  • To strengthen the financial management system and capacity at all levels for timely service delivery to the most vulnerable people by effective use of funds in transparent and accountable manner.
  • To strengthen human resource management system and procedures to retain committed and qualified staff.
  • To strengthen the capacity of National Society to be able to help within the movement.
  • To adopt a more effective cooperation, coordination and partnership mechanism through agreed Partnership Framework.