IFRC Myanmar Delegation


The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has been present in Myanmar since 1991, when it sent a relief delegate for fire relief operations in Meiktila, Mandalay Region. Following this successful partnership between the IFRC and Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS), an IFRC office was established in 1993 to provide longer-term support to Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS).

Current context

IFRC provides financial and technical support to the Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) in the following key areas:

  •  Disaster Management including community and school-based disaster risk management, as well as the establishment and maintenance of an Emergency Management Fund.
  • Community-based health, and water and sanitation.
  • Organizational Development which includes capacity building within Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) focusing on:
    • Branch development
    • Youth and volunteer management
    • Finance development
    • Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (PMER)
    • Logistics
    • Human resource development

Partnerships via IFRC

Several partners within the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement are currently providing funding support to the Myanmar Red Cross Society via IFRC. These partners include:

  • American Red Cross
  • Australia Red Cross
  • British Red Cross
  • Danish Red Cross
  • Finish Red Cross
  • German Red Cross
  • Japanese Red Cross
  • Norwegian Red Cross
  • Qatar Red Crescent
  • Red Cross Society of China
  • Singapore Red Cross
  • Swedish Red Cross
  • Turkish Red Crescent

Movement Coordination

IFRC’s support to the Myanmar Red Cross Society involves close coordination with in-country Red Cross Red Crescent Movement partners comprising the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and Partner National Societies engaged in providing other support to Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS). The in-country Partner National Societies are the American Red Cross, Australian Red Cross,  Danish Red Cross, German Red Cross, Qatar Red Crescent and Swedish Red Cross .

Contact Information

Dr. Mg Mg Myint, President Myanmar Red Cross Society E-mail: drmgmgmyint@redcross.org.mm Phone: +951 383 681
Ms. Nadia Khoury, Head of Country Office (Myanmar) International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies E-mail: nadia.khoury@ifrc.org Phone: +95 9 420 104 010

Organizational Development

In order to become a more independent and self-sufficient national society, Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) must develop its internal organizational capacity through OD efforts. Our primary objective is to become a well-structured entity at all levels so that we may deliver quality community-based services to vulnerable communities in Myanmar. Please read the following sections to learn more about our OD efforts:

  • Branch Development
  • Finance Development
  • Resource Mobilization
  • Youth and Volunteer Development

Branch Development

OD Department initiated Branch Development Model with minimum performance and disseminated it and conducted Branch Capacity Assessment (BCA) since 2012. By the end of 2015 Dec, 308 branches, out of 330 have been completed BCA and informed the performance statues and grading score. OD department acknowledged to these well-functioning townships which received (A) score, annually at Central Council meeting. By the end of 2016 April, there are 60 branches, out of 330, completed BOCA exercise and developed own-Branch Development Plan and implemented with local resources.

Finance Development

Finance Development Project stared in 2014 and Branch Finance Development activities started in 2015. Various types of finance development training were conducted:

  • Book-keeping Training for Staff , RCVs and Self Help Group
  • Financial Procedures Training for Staff and RCVs,
  • Financial Management Training for Finance Staff
  • Branch Finance Development Training for Branch Finance Development Project area
  • Refresher Training for Finance Staff

By the end of 2018, 249 branches, out of 330 received Branch Finance Development training and required materials.

Resource Mobilization

In order to achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency, sustainability, and independence, MRCS would like to improve our Resource Mobilization activities in the current period. Ultimately, our goal is to implement successful fundraising strategies at all levels, from villages to the national level. MRCS’s current RM activities include providing First Aid courses to private organizations provided by our FASS division, a kit shop, water purification plant, producing and distributing Oral Rehydration Salts, and an in-house printing press. Our future strategy involves:

  • Develop and apply Resource Mobilization Policy in line with new Statues
  • Develop Resource Mobilization Strategy/ guidelines to support implementation of Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) Strategy 2020
  • Strengthen Resource Mobilization capacity at all levels by utilizing Myanmar Red Cross Society (MRCS) Partnership Framework

Youth and Volunteer Development

Youth Leadership

Red Cross Youth are the members of Red Cross, Brigades members or the person who filled Volunteer Registration Form cover all people in the age range of 16 to 35 years old in respective branches and University/College Red Cross Branches. Red Cross Youth are performing humanitarian activities from leading roles through its strong network of Youth Committee throughout the country as follows;

  • Youth and Community Resilience
  • Youth Development and Engagement


Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Myanmar Red Cross. MRCS is fortunate enough to have one of the strongest volunteer bases in the world. Without our vast RCV network, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, it would be impossible for us to carry out our vital services to the Myanmar public. RCVs work day and night to respond to some of Myanmar’s worst disasters and are always the first responders to any emergency, small and large. Intelligent, driven, selfless, compassionate – our RCVs represent the best of what the Red Cross movement stands for, and are the hidden heroes behind all of our groundbreaking programs.